Facilitating Healing For Your Human Experience 

Based in Denver, Colorado and available worldwide for video sessions and in-person healings, Maggie May Wilson has been known for her unparalleled wisdom in the expansive realm of Metaphysical healing.


Maggie's gifts include the ability to receive messages intuitively, through claircognizance, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.


It’s this standard of excellence that has led her to help clients in live music, hospice, private wellness retreats, corporate executives, and educating internationally. She has spoken on panels, taught retreats, and developed wellness workshops all over the world.


For more information about the sessions and services she provides, reach out today or READ MORE! 

How I Can Help You

1 on 1 Crystal Spirit Coaching

1 Hr

Learn about the monatomic properties of Crystals, which will work with you, which to avoid, and receive customized rituals & ceremonies. All sessions include mini Reiki guidance and tarot readings for clarity. 



Twin Flame - Soul Mate Guidance

1 Hr 30 Mins

Do you keep coming back to that same person? Advance your love with clear intentions and practices to better improve your connection with your partner. Enhance your twin flame connection and learn why you and your soul mate chose to the relationship you have now. 



Self Care Routine


45 Mins

Improving love in your life starts with the self. Establishing a routine can be hard if you are lazy, can't focus, or have a poor diet. I will help you increase your self-practice with daily journaling prompts, sound healing videos, and more to create alignment.




True Chakra Alignment

The body is a biocomputer. 

The Chakra system starts to form inside the uterus and continues up until adolescence.  Any trauma is stored in the cells of the body and the water within the human vessel. 


Get the true alignment you have been seeking by diving deep into understanding the psychological traumas associated when each Chakra formed and how you are the only one who can actually align your Chakra System. 

Get The Psychology and Chakra Balancing Kit 


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