Passionate About Inspiring Others - Facilitating Healing During Your Human Experience.

I knew I would be a spiritual and energetic healer, this work has been a part of me throughout all my lives.

Metaphysical Mastery begins with knowing deep within that you want to find your truth. 


You are ready to find all of your alignment to your highest self as well! 


This is the best space for you to be if you are looking to do spiritual work. I have been dubbed "The Metaphysical Mastermind" and have taught dozens of workshops all over the country helping people gain clarity on their life purpose, their current struggles, and heal their anxiety once and for all. 

If you know me, you know I am always the one who is ready for something better to come along if someone "misses an opportunity". I believe there never truly is a missed opportunity. There are infinite possibilities on which way your life can go. If we continue to run the same memories and patterns of past hurts and struggles, we are building a future of very low vibrations. We target the traumas and heal them with science, psychology, and pure absolute believable magic.


I want you to build your future knowing for a fact, that you will get everything you want. I want you to believe in yourself when everyone around you has fallen away, and you are the one wiping your tears, pulling yourself up, and dusting your shoulders off.


I ensure all who are ready to work with me have the opportunity. If you need help, please email the appropriate mailbox below.


I look forward to working with you!  Love + Light + All the Shadows we will conquer! 


Become a Universal Reiki Master with Reiki Teacher Training


  • Usui Reiki Master - Seichim Reiki Master 

  • Shamballa Reiki Master - Tibetan Reiki Master - Tera Mai Reiki 

  • Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master - World Metaphysical Association

  • Universal Reiki Master - American Society Holistic Healers


  • Cannabis Sommelier

  • Reiki "Magick" Facilitator 

  • Reiki + Cannabis Workshop + Event Coordinator

  • Wellness Workshop Program Coordinator - JamCruise