metaphysical masterclass

The step-by-step guide to create, maintain and master the life you came here to live.

Whether you are just stepping into your spiritual journey or are far into the Ascension process, Maggie's Metaphysical Masterclass is a divinely guided educational experience that will teach you how to embrace your unique gifts the universe installed from  "beyond" the physical. 

details +  investment

During The Metaphysical Masterclass, you'll experience supportive guidance from your direct spirit team & downloads of information that are distinctive to your ancestral lineage and what you want to heal within yourself.  


Our time together will help you connect to your highest self and galactic family through infinite-dimensional activations once you step into the portal which will guide you to your spiritual beings' evolutionary path becoming activated and aligned. This is the Quantum Collapse you have been seeking. 

Masterclass includes

  • Hours of one on one work at your own pace within the Metaphysical AF Academy's videos that you gain access to at any time once you enroll. No waiting around for a certain day of the week to be anxious and bail. Do this work on your time. You will advance as you commit.

  • Reiki Energy Healing & Galactic Activation for downloads from your divine soul group.

  • Activating your erogenous zones - All bodies course on harnessing pleasure for power. "Sex Magick" basics and how you can maximize your manifestations with pleasure acts partnered or solo. 


  • Psychic Development of Your Unique  "Claire's" and how to identify ones you already have

  • Astral Projection for the boss. How to maximize your manifestations with out-of-body experiences.

  • How To Read Your Birth Chart For Optimal Thrive Mode - Geographical astrology and African astrology form a triforce of power that can give you a blueprint for career, love, success, and overall happiness!

  • Shamanic Journey Meditations and Visualizations with the Buffalo Drum. 


  • Plant Medicine Journey Guidance - how to protect yourself when you open your energy field to work with plant guides.


  • Crystal Spirit Codex -The 50-page high-def crystal guidebook for everything from your bra, your altar, to your necklace.  

  • Introduction to Your Spiritual Team - Foolproof instructions on how to connect on the spirit plane to meet your guides, ancestors, and other spirits who want to communicate. Very Important section on protecting yourself from energetic entities that will attach to your receptiveness.

  • How To Activate The Pineal Gland by decalcification and what to do after it's been activated. 

  • During the metaphysical sessions, you'll upgrade your human experience within minutes for some, days for others, and maybe weeks/months for many but with each session you are uncovering your timeless journey to activate your divine powers & encourage your healing gifts through a continual connection to the divine which you embody.


  • You will also receive downloadable PDFs exclusive to Maggie's retreats and workshops. 

  • Sign up for Enrollment in the Spring of 2021!