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Updated: Jan 21, 2020


Believing it to be a magically empowered sacrament, the ancients who worshiped the plant spirits had one plant playing an active role in rituals. A priestess would officiate ceremonies using cannabis and other magical plants to induce a state of consciousness open to divine truth and mythical guidance. A smoking cup artifact dating 3,800 years before Christ has been discovered with charred cannabis seeds, showing our ancestors regularly used, cultivated, understood, and honored this sacred herb in all of its divine femininity.

CANNABIS & THE DIVINE FEMININE The biological similarities between Cannabis and the human female are odd and exquisite. We understand today something that runs deep into the knowledge of our ancestors. Cannabis plants link up, especially with the divine female form on many levels. Active compounds in Cannabis have molecular resemblance to Estrogen. Even the sacred moon time fluids have been used by conscious growers as a successful fertilizer! Knowing that only the female cannabis plants yield moveable seeds and flowers, the seeds contain a rare gamma linoleum acid, found only in Spirulina, two other rare seeds, and in the nectar from the bosom of each sacred human mama. Breast-milk is also been recently studied and was found to contain the cannabinoids only found in Ganja as well. So if you did not already believe you had super powers…MAMA YOU DO! CANNABIS AND YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH Ancestral intuition tells is to marry our masculine and feminine, our sun and moon aspects of the self. Cannabis and conscious consumption can aid in this process, believed the ancients and is becoming the widely accepted. Cannabis is a plant of peace and maintains the power to unify people. The plant’s spirit wants to aid in our awakening back to the ways of utilizing the versatility of this ritual herb which has only recently (less than the past 100 years) been shrouded with lies and misconception. Without our natural feminine balance, we exhibit competitiveness and not unity, control and fear instead of empowerment, and rely solely on scientific theory with little regard to spiritual aspects. (Is this our world now or what?) SHATTERING THE STIGMAS

Every major pharmacy in the US carried Cannabis tinctures as medicine until the 1930’s when prohibition began. Many people in our western society are not aware that many ancient tribes and cultures not only recognized but honored using cannabis as a sacred spiritual practice. Like any powerful medicinal plant, the energy and intention of using cannabis must be used in a way that harnesses the basic aspects of health and healing. When used with mindful intention healing can begin and profound enlightening effects can take place.

"Honoring this plants spirit as the ancients did will consciously help remove the stigma placed on such a sacred healing gift."

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