"Being a Reiki healer is facilitating your own healing and in turn helping others shine the same light in their unique way."


For many, there is a constant anxiety that encompasses everyday life. What if you could relieve that anxiety with a toolbox of Metaphysical gadgets and make your life plus the people you love life's better. Do you question your gut and fear your intuition? The ego has brought in many other vibrations to pull you off the path of least resistance which is the same path Reiki gently guides you back to.  Reiki Teacher Training encompasses 15 years of Metaphysical knowledge into a weekend retreat of education, expansion, and cooperation. 

Reiki Teacher Training is unlike any Reiki attunement process currently available because it encompasses the aspects of Quantum Physics, Psychology, and Sexual Health. No other Reiki attunement involves the esoteric knowledge of sexual energy and psychological well being as a basis.  


RTT is not nearly as complex as Yoga teacher training, but it DOES entail the same intensive dedication. Although there are many branches to Reiki, none are more advanced or skilled than the others. Each carries the right vibrational alignment for its purpose. Each person will resonate with a different branches and symbols.


 This program helps you gain the mastery level skills to develop your Reiki practice, build your business, and help curate a clear vision of your path.


  • It will change the way you live your life. 

  • You will cry, laugh, and smile so hard your face hurts.

  • You won’t be able to stand how much fun you are having.

  • Your perspective WILL shift.

  • You will do some really weird but cool shit.

  • You will grow and change in your relationships with friends, lovers, and especially children.

  • You won’t question the entire world. You’ll adventure through the Cosmos.

  • You will become the person you always knew you could be.

  • You WILL be a true Reiki Master.

What To Expect

A Lifetime of confidence in using the Force!

Plus 9 PDF EBook Modules with over 100 Pages of Reiki and Metaphysical Education!

  • You will find your inner guidance: When first learning Reiki, it is imperative to find the voice within. Your first level is healing the self. This should never be rushed. If you have spent any time attuned to Reiki or not - this is the training you have been looking for! You will gain much clarity in this teacher training and be able to assist yourself in more ways. The path of least resistance starts with coming back to self. There will always be people to help, and it’s time to invest in yourself.

  • This is only the beginning!  RTT lasts a lifetime. You will never feel overwhelmed or underprepared. There are not hundreds of books and facts to learn but there are many vital parts that make Reiki the powerful healing system it is. Remember Reiki was founded by a Japanese physician and trained monk from the age of 4.

  • Mind, Body, and Spirit education. RTT is rooted in Psychology, the physical body, the dimensional body, the light body, and the awareness of the spirit. There is no end to this journey because the mind will forever be learning and growing.

  • Your priorities will shift and evolve. The first year of working with level 1 energy is VITAL to your foundation as a Reiki healer. You should never tell someone YOU are healing them, This leads to a false sense of hope and can cause major backlash on you when someone comes back and claims your healing had gone away. If you were honest in the first place and spoke to them about the root of the energetic imbalance, you could lead them down a more helpful path and give them the tools to keep facilitating their own healing after they were no longer with you. The need to gossip becomes less warranted because you begin to see each person from their Higher selves. You understand the vibration you create within creates your entire reality. Whatever you send out comes back to you. The universe doesn't know what you want, it only knows that you keep having emotions about why you came to create this reality. It doesn’t hear what you say, it hears what you mean. So if you are repeating those affirmations 100 times, unless you trust it, it’s wasted energy.

  • New Friendships will be made that will dissolve any memories of past transgressions. You realize everyone on your path is a mirror. Once you commit to being better to yourself, those people show up for you as well. Don’t try to go with the flow on every shift in your life, become the flow!

  • You will not regurgitate outdated beliefs or metaphysical cues but rather integrate your knowledge of the psychological way the body responds to thought vibrations produced.

  • RTT will cover fundamental Reiki positions, intensive curated healing guide, the 12 Chakra System, the aura body levels, the scientific knowledge of why sound healing works, psychological developmental stages, and much much more.  

Sessions Open NOW 

Session 1 - 4 Will be held in Los Angeles, California. 

Reserve Your Space or Join The Wait List If Space is Full!

Sessions 2- February 7-8, 2020

Only 5 Spaces Left

Save 25%Early Bird Price $999 Ends 11/11/19

Session 3 - May 8-9, 2020

Save 25%Early Bird Price $999 Ends 2/2/20

Session 4 - September 11-12, 2020

Save 25%Early Bird Price $999 Ends 5/5/20



$1,111 or Early Bird Pricing of $999




  • Comprehensive 77 Hour Reiki Teacher Training with experienced guest educators

  • Guided Reiki sessions and Psychology Chakra Evaluations

  • Hands-on and virtual Reiki Shares, classes, and workshops

  • Access to Private Facebook Community of Graduates

  • Reiki Teacher Training First Degree Manual with session resources, healing guide, sound healing meditations.

  • Sponsored Gift Bag*

  • Earth Elementals Ceremony - Ritual Blessing

  • Referral Program Directory

  • Official RTT Certified Quantum Reiki Healer Certificate


  • Reiki and Energetic Sex : Learn the Chakras of the genitals, the power of energetic sex, and how Reiki can improve your sex life. 

  • Aura Clearing, Scanning and Beaming, Healing Attunement: Learn the art of scanning to find places on yourself which are most in need of healing. Focus on sending Reiki to specific areas of the body. Dive into ‘psychic surgery’ to empower your hands to grasp energy within and around yourself and others. Learn how sacred geometric enclosures enhance your vibratory being and deliver Solfeggio healing immersions.

  • Karuna Reiki Symbolism - Strengthens your healing energy and produce faster results. Eight healing symbols and Four master symbols are taught. 

  • 3 Pillars of Reiki:  Learn the foundations of Reiki including an opening in Meditation, Prayer/Invocation, and Treatment. Work with Spirits, guides, angels of clients to assist in sessions.

  • The Reiki Symbols: Enjoy aNn electric Solfeggio attunement which empowers the symbols so that they will fulfill their intended purpose. Learn how to use the symbols correctly to activate the imprinting that takes place.

  • Hand Positions For Self Treatment: Learn the standard hand positions for treatment including how to treat the aura using positions away from the body.

  • Giving A Complete Reiki Treatment: Developing the core relationship with the client. Before they ever get on the table, learn how to understand the energetic fluctuations during speech and movement. Work with the Japanese Reiki Techniques and Hayashi hand positions to add to your treatments.

  • Reiki & Meditation:  Learn how to develop and teach meditation practices using Intention, Earth elements ( crystal spirit and plant spirit medicines) to broaden the awareness of the Reiki energy.

  • Reiki and Ritual Space:  Learn the advanced space clearing exercises to create an energetic space that is influential in helping each student become open to receiving.

  • Reiki & Collaboration:  Learn how Reiki works with all other forms of treatments and how the nature of Reiki is non-competitive. Gain the belief that all others who do Reiki are helping you.

  • Reiki and Spirit Medicines: Learn to decipher the frequencies of different spirits of the plants, crystals, guides, and angels.

  • Reiki Curriculum For Optimal Healing: Learn how to develop a session with a client that builds a lifelong relationship and provides them with continual tools and not left with overwhelming anxiety from questioning.

  • Reiki Master Golden Prompts: PDFs, Charts, and Shareable content to elevate the education of Reiki.

  • Reiki and The Higher Self: Gain the clarity and effectiveness that comes with utilizing Reiki as a conscious rather than egoic being.

  • up to 15 New Symbols to enhance your Reiki Energy Facilitation. 

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