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Reiki Teacher Training is now a Virtual Workshop!


For many, there is a constant anxiety that encompasses everyday life. What if you could relieve that anxiety with a toolbox of Metaphysical gadgets and make your life plus the people you love life's better. Do you question your gut and fear your intuition? The ego has brought in many other vibrations to pull you off the path of least resistance which is the same path Reiki gently guides you back to. 


Reiki Teacher Training encompasses 15 years of Metaphysical knowledge into a weekend retreat of education, expansion, and cooperation. 

Reiki Teacher Training is unlike any Reiki attunement process currently available because it encompasses the aspects of Quantum Physics, Psychology, and Sexual Health.

Reiki + Sex

No other Reiki attunement involves the esoteric knowledge of sexual energy and psychological well being as a basis.  

RTT is not nearly as complex as Yoga teacher training, but it DOES entail the same intensive dedication. 


Although there are many branches to Reiki, none are more advanced or skilled than the others. Each carries the right vibrational alignment for its purpose. Each person will resonate with a different branches and symbols.

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Virtual Classroom

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Who You Are

  • Anyone on the Awakening Path.

What You Get: Curriculum

  • Comprehensive 77 Hour Reiki Teacher Training with experienced guest educators delivered in 10 separate E-Books.  

  • Guided Reiki sessions and Psychology Chakra Evaluations

  • Hands-on and virtual Reiki Shares, classes, and workshops

  • Access to Private Facebook Community of Graduates

  • Reiki Teacher Training First Degree Manual with session resources, healing guide, sound healing meditations.

  • Sponsored Gift Bag*

  • Earth Elementals Ceremony - Ritual Blessing

  • Referral Program Directory

  • Official RTT Certified Quantum Reiki Healer Certificate

What You'll Learn

  • Reiki and Energetic Sex: Learn the Chakras of the genitals, the power of energetic sex, and how Reiki can be a new kink. 

  • Aura Clearing, Scanning and Beaming, Healing Attunement: Learn the art of scanning with your hands in person and over distance to find places on yourself which are most in need of healing. Focus on sending Reiki to specific areas of the body.

  • Dive into ‘psychic surgery’ to empower your hands to grasp energy within and around yourself and others. Learn how sacred geometric enclosures enhance your vibratory being and deliver Solfeggio healing immersions. Understand the evolution of DNA and how to incorporate the upcoming 5D upgrades.

  • NEW* VIRTUAL ASPECT - Psychic Protection. You are being Activated, learn how to Activate your "claires" and your empathic abilities. 


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