While she does offer the best quality products and services, what really makes Maggie May Wilson great is her ability to facilitate beyond the quality of your investment. Passionate, experienced, talented and friendly, she truly is one of the best of the best.


For the beginner in meditation to the zealot.


Here is where you can get a custom curated guided meditation made for you to listen to anywhere.

After our 15 minute consultation, I will create a custom experience for you with sound healing tools and shamanic guidance. 

Do you feel more stressed in the car or at home?

Where do you like to meditate?

How are you coping with the current state of affairs?

Do you know how to quiet the mind? 

Does meditation feel different for you?


All these questions and more answered through these audio files delivered to your email. 

Meditation means "to become familiar with" and is never a one size fits all.  What worked for someone else may not work for you and what worked in the past may not work anymore. 

Let's chat and get you familiar with yourself.

30 Minutes - $55 


Due to COVID - 19 

Reiki sessions are limited to Distance sessions at this time until further notice. 

Please Email To Book. 



Designed for executive Reiki clients.


(Travel Included - All-Inclusive ) 


  • 4+ Week commitment with consultations (bi)weekly 

  • Unlimited support via text, email, phone. 

  • 2 (90 minutes) Full Reiki Sessions 

  • Metaphysical immersion into Reiki, Sound Healing, and Shamanic teachings from Cherokee Medicine women.

  • Thunder Drum Activation Meditations. 

  • (2) Skype + Facetime Distant Reiki Requests 

  • Personal Shopping immersion into trusted local Metaphysical community shops

  • Each session contains audio files of all sound healing and priority placement on upcoming collaborations.

  • Personal Metaphysical Shopping included​

  • The retainer is for 1 Month Period with 6 hours each month of unlimited services



One on One


Most Popular

No Judgement -No Expectation 

This coaching session gets to the vibrant core of what you want to do while you are still here on this planet. Find out your true Highest purpose with a one on one Metaphysical guidance session. 

You will gain practical and meta-practical ways to direct what you want to and to bring your deepest desires to life. 

Beach Banquet

Couple's Coaching

1 Hr 30 Mins

Best Value

You have chosen to be a part of an energetic connection.  You 2 create with the power of Metaphysics. Learn how to spot triggers of trauma and hold space for your partner's growth and battles.

You'll gain practical and meta-practical ways to direct your sexual energy and to continue building love within your connections.