While she does offer the best quality products and services, what really makes Maggie May Wilson great is her ability to facilitate beyond the quality of your investment. Passionate, experienced, talented and friendly, she truly is one of the best of the best.


For the beginner in meditation to the zealot. 

Custom curated Reiki guided meditations made for you to listen to anywhere. Do you feel more stress in the car or at home? Where do you like to meditate? Do you know how to quiet the mind or do you question if you really even have to? All these questions and more answered through these audio files delivered to your email. 

1 Hour - $75


Reiki sessions are sold in bundle packages because clients have shown a  minimum of 3 sessions, increased awareness, intensified healing, and relief from bodily attachments.


  • 1 sound frequency therapy ( drum, chimes, bells, bowls, forks, shakers) 

  • 21-day meal plan to help heal the gut. 

Reiki Bundle

3 separate Reiki sessions 


2 sound frequency therapies ( drum, chimes, bells, bowls, forks, shakers) 

21-day meal plan to help heal the gut. 


Native American Thunder Drum dimensional upgrade meditation included.  

Audio Files Included



Neurological and Psychological analysis of The Chakra System


Designed for executive Reiki clients.


(Travel Included - All-Inclusive - 1 Event Included) 


  • 4+ Week commitment with consultations (bi)weekly 

  • Unlimited support via text, email, phone. 

  • 2 (90 minutes) Full Reiki Sessions 

  • Metaphysical immersion into Reiki, Sound Healing, and Shamanic teachings from Cherokee Medicine women.

  • Thunder Drum Activation Meditations. 

  • (2) Skype + Facetime Distant Reiki Requests 

  • Personal Shopping immersion into trusted local Metaphysical community shops

  • Each session contains audio files of all sound healing and priority placement on upcoming collaborations.

  • Personal Metaphysical Shopping included​

  • The retainer is for 1 Month Period with 6 hours each month of unlimited services

One on One


Most Popular

No Judgement -No Expectation 

This coaching session gets to the vibrant core of what you want to do while you are still here on this planet. 

Find the guidance in what direction you want to go to bring your deepest desires to life. 

Couple's Coaching

1 Hr 30 Mins

Best Value

You have chosen to be a part of an energetic connection. Whatever way that looks to you, you are always connecting with a divine being just like yourself. 

Learn tools to deepen your love with your partner and create an endless desire to create together. 

Career Coaching

1 Hr

You're experiencing success but is there something missing? 

Are you carrying grief, sadness, guilt, or other vibrations around which affect your productivity?


These sessions include video guidance and energetic clearings of your space, self, and home to align with your highest productive self. 

Group Coaching


Gather your team for a corporate morale boost like never before.

Inspiration and confidence in the workplace have been proven to increase productivity. Simply put, when you love what you do, you do what you love, and you do it REALLY well! 

Self Improvement


45 Mins

Most Gifted

Alignment is the ultimate goal in mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual work. When you align with your most authentic self, you ignite your own personal path of abundance in all forms. 

Every person expands in unique ways, so these workshops are designed to cater to you. 

Enjoy a Free* 20 minute consult to cater your session to your exact needs. 


*Subject to Availability 

Higher Purpose

Career Ambitions

1 Hr

For The Entrepreneur

The busy people's guide to spirituality.


These sessions are designed to be condensed practical solutions to problems you are directly facing in your current reality. Get the confidence boost you need to know you can never really fail, but be guided to better opportunities. 

Find your higher purpose with clear and direct intention and learn to read the signs which show up for you the more you notice them.


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